Lucy Rayner B.Ost MICO is an accomplished and experienced London Osteopath based in Kensington (W8) as Practice Principal at Anamaya Spa and in Fulham (SW6) as Senior Associate at Fulham Osteopaths. Lucy has been practicing Osteopathy since 2005, helping people in pain and discomfort with the highest standards of care set out by the profession. If you are in need of a London Osteopath then you have come to the right place.

At our London Osteopathy practices we can assist you to improve your health, well-being and lifestyle, as well as resolving acute and chronic physical and emotional issues. We are proud to have created a very personable and relaxed environment, this is to ensure your exact needs are catered for and also to facilitate the change of long term habits and issues.


At all practices we are recognised by most major insurance companies, including AXA PPP. 

Osteopathy is a unique medical process restoring movement and symmetry to the entire body's structure, bringing back optimal integration of tissues and quality of function to muscles, joints and organs, encouraging freedom from pain and a feeling of being centred and grounded within the body.

Widely used and recommended by The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence to the NHS for successful treatment of low back pain, Osteopathy coordinates all systems of the body connected to and controlled by the structure of the spine. This has the effect of giving relief to all areas of the body including head, neck, shoulder, back, arm, leg and pelvis.

Treatment primarily consists of 'Whole Body Adjustment' which produces positive long lasting effects, aligning the body away from pain and resistance towards a position of ease.

Lucy’s clients always come back to her owing to the high standards of care and treatment they receive. When undertaking osteopathic treatment with Lucy you know you are in the capable hands of one of the best London Osteopaths.

"A fully articulated and freely moving body is essential for the natural rhythm of physiological life."
- J. Wernham D.O. The Maidstone College Yearbook 1988


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